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A l'arrière de la jacquette on peut lire:
I can't tell jou much about the pathways. When I began Writing this program they were simple and safe, but soon the program was designing them itself. Time passed. The pathways became dark and frightening places. I set the computer to add 'games' to the pathways. With sinister speed and efficiency it created dozens of different video games with hundreds of versions and deviations.
When the pathways were complete I could not survive in them; my computer began to hate me for my weakness. I programmed frantically to throw 30 'beacons' into the pathways. So survival became possible. Is there a nice surprise at 30,00 points ? I never found out - the pathway got me evrytime. As yet I haven't even made it half way to that 30th beacon, but one day I believe someone somewhere will do just that, and the pathways shal be conquered.
Andrew Moore, November 1984.

The first new generation MEGA GAME available for the Oric range of computers, 'Don't Press the letter Q' is a real time machine code arcade adventure which uses special game generating techniques to incorporae over THIRTY FIVE different video games of over FIVE THOUSAND types. You will need to be quick witted, very dextrous and extremely ingenious. It is also lots of fun. etween one and nine people can play.

Instructions: Labelled side contains fast copy - to load type CLOAD"". Consult section on cassette loading in your ORIC manual.
Works on keyboard (or joystick using ORIC/IJK Interface). For keyboard option, use A or ; for UP, Z or / for DOWN, , or C for LEFT and . or V for right. There will be many games where the SPARE BAR oe RETURN (fire button on joystick) will have a very useful effect. Press 'O' to surrender a game, or '/' to give up an entire attempt into the pathways. One other thing - it may not be a good idea to press the letter Q!


Cheat code:

Pour obtenir 255 Q-Jumpers:
- sélectionner le type de jeu pour 2 joueurs
- pour le nom du joueur 1 saisir: 1978 WAS FUN
- taper INK 7 (puis Return)
- faire EDIT 1009 puis CRTL-D
- changer le dernier POKE en POKE 638F,255
- pour finir: RUN


Les touches avec l'émulateur Euphoric sur PC:



reset du jeu: la partie en cours est perdue



retenter le mini-jeu en cours


retour au dernier Beacon rencontré, 
sauf si on possède un Q-Jumper alors le mini-jeu est gagné