A frenchy match 
  • Loriciels
  • Cobrasoft
  • ERE
3 games to choose:
  • VidéoFlipper
  • CobraPinball
  • Macadam Bumper
 ? ? Which Keys ?  ? ?
 instructions inside

Press I
coin: Shift-arrow down
number player: Shift-arrow L
start: Shift + space
spring: arrow down
release: space
bumpers: arrows L & R
coin= P
spring: 1 à 9
arrows up down 
shake: arrows L & R

An easy pinball, you can adjust what you want: slope, elastics, ...

sounds are not bad

but the design is so poor 

Shift + /
use arrows keys (0 or 1) 

A superb graphic realisation 
bumpers animation and sounds are very realistic

 this colored cobra is a nice beast
A very nice homepage with this typical rocker
a menu with adjustments (except keys)

And a pinball editor, to create your own fantasy, hours to draw and test your baby
such a brilliant program !

Graphism is poor, animation good and the sounds are very funny

the easiest ^ really the prettiest ^ best duration ^