Hou la la  !!
oil is too expensive!
Marge is right, nuke is the future!

So come'on guys
take a helmet, a blouse and a badge
Homer will show you that job

Yeah Homer, this simulator is necessary for now
As usual, Hebdogiciel proposed an excellent programm
And it's the only one in this type, do you know another one ?

It's a complete game which include:
- animated tutorial about nuclear plant working
- the complete manual with control keys
- a realistic simulation with terrific incidents

An entire success you must discover especially if you like simulations.



Click on the donut 
with strawberries
to download simulator
(translated in english!)


Homer's advices for a stressless work

1 - Technical lesson
first, you must !
look this nice animation

listen daddy Homer!

2 - Included manual
Are you an engineer ? sure not
you are unable to make work the monster
so read this clear and short manual
it's so easy

I will not let you enter before you do it.
do you want to be changed in a radioactive spiderpig ?

Only 4 water controls, a kid can do that


You're only a student, little dummy
will you success this simple exercise ?
> produce most electricity you can, during 100 days
you win, if you exceed 100 000

do you think you're able ?


Technical incidents

Doh !
water and turbine overheating, water leaks, etc.

you cannot sleep in this job
and if you don't stop plant when i tell you
the country will be dead for ages...

so beware!!


show me you are somebody

Let's go !!!

Controls rods up! let reaction begin
The temperaure increase very fast, beware the max values
Open waters flows to start the generator
Avoid overheatings now
It's too easy! no ?


Nice job !
You listened well daddy Homer
and you succeed in the ... simulator

Sure you can eat your raspsberries donut
I let you control the plant, i have a look on you!

there is a football match on TV
my sofa with giant water cushions is calling me