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  -  Editor:  No man's land
  -  Author:   JM Cruells
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   Naval Simulation
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You like the stormy atmosphere of the Pacific?

Then this simulator of US cruiser is for you!

Beware ! you will be attacked from everywhere by torpedoes and by planes. Then courage, open the good eye

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What a nice ship ! 

Ok ! read instructions now:

The game begin at 8h until 20h
the speed of boat modify:

- precision of shoot
- duration of the game
- ennemy arrivals

if the boat is sunked
you can use the rescue boat

press quickly ESC

commands are visible in the right top of screen:
A   T   P   R   S

PACHA's Bridge (P)

  the speed in knots (noeuds),  use arrows keys to adjust

Middle:  the sonar (asdic) (A) the radar (R) and the compass blocked to the north, a strange boat which cannot turn 

Bottom:  Engines (diesels) and Pumps  E for leaks (Ecope) , I for fire (Incendie)


  Press  A for  ASDIC (detection of submarines)

locate white dots, read depth and axis (here it is 25 & 3)

launch grenades > press G - (enter how many)


Well done, you survived against torpedoes
but siren hurling again !!

quick go to Radar (R) , the ennemy fleet is here
several white dots mean it's an Armada

planes are coming too, hope you find the carrier
Zeros will be soon on you

 Locate abscissa and ordinate, (ex: -15 and +3) and activate Weapon
 Press T and choose gun (C) ou machinegun (M)

 align with arrows key , enter coordonates (C) and Fire (F) 
 3 or 4 times > if you hit the ship, it smoke and sink
 else press C and change values

you can discover what you hit by pressing S (Stats)

 argh ! a decoy boat ! carrier will be for the next time
go to the machine gun  (T and M)

use arrows keys to center
hit space at a wright moment !


Nice shoot !
- carrier
- battle-ship
- cruiser
- anti submarines ship
- a lot of submarines
- an oil tanker

- a decoy boat (leurre)

  > The ennemy fleet is totally destroyed, you win, congratulations captain !

shit 2 torpedoes again !! arghh too late

  a simulation really successful, rythm and stress, hectic atmosphere, not a minute to sleep !

  Only navigation is missing to make the simulator complete, probably insuffisant memory to stock more, things like  a map or other fleets, the scenario  would be less linear.

to discover absolutely !

~ ~ ~